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Three Phase Hoist with Trolley - 2 Speed

Dual Speed Control. A second speed allows for a more controlled pick. Using the controller, the operator can start to lift (or lower) in the slow speed and then switch to the faster speed for efficiency. Dual speed hoists are highly recommended in environments where positioning fragile material. For example: loading CNC Machines, glass lifting, granite lifting etc.

Designed and built to last, these hoists are made for heavy-duty hoisting applications. The swing-down panel allows for quick and convenient access to the control panel during maintenance and inspections. These hoists are dual voltage and can be easily adjusted to suit 230 or 460-volt power supply.


  • 20 Ft. Standard lift (custom lifts available).
  • 15 Ft. Power cord.
  • 16’9 Ft. Standard Pendant cord.
  • Schneider™ contactors.
  • 30 Minute duty rating, H4 Classification.
  • Ergonomic push button pendant controller (IP65).
  • Pull-rotor motor brake.
  • Chain Container (on standard lifts).
  • Load test / Inspection Certificate.
  • Swivel electrical panel.
  • Upper and lower limit switches.
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 5

Contact us for custom lift heights and capacities.

Technical Specifications

Hoist Outline

Dual Voltage

All 3 phase hoists come standard from the factory wired for 460v power supply. This can easily be adjusted to 230v.

Overload Protection (friction clutch)

Prevents operators from exceeding a hoist’s rated lifting capacity.

Compact Aluminum Body

Die-cast body ensures a low headroom and lightweight construction.

Operating Conditions

Suitable for environments within -4° to +104° F. Recommended Humidity of 85% or less.

Pull-Rotor Motor Brake

Superior mechanical force ensures a load is firmly held. Contains no disc brake.

Upper/Lower Limit Switches

Mechanical paddle limit switches. Stops the load chain from progressing past its safe limitation.

Pendant Control

Modern, ergonomic design. Mainline contactor, red emergency stop push button is standard on all pendants. Pendant Cord includes external strain relief.

Pendant & Power Plug Connection

Quick plugin pendant controller cord and power cord.

External Motor Fan

Rapidly cools the hoist motor and brake, forcing air through the cooling fins.

Load Chain

Grade 80, case hardened FEC Japanese Chain.

Contactor Controller

Mechanical interlocking contactors.

Chain Container

Included with all standard hoists.

Phase Reversal Relay

Hoist will not energize if the phase sequence is reversed. Relay status lights indicates incorrect phase wiring sequence.

Overload Relay

Precautionary feature, protects the motor from overheating.

Quick Access Electrical Panel

Hoist electrical cover is tethered to hoist housing for maximum efficiency and convenience during inspection/ maintenance.

Hinged Internal Electrical Panel

Easily inspect internal components and wiring behind contactors and din rail by opening the hinged electrical panel.

Forged Swivel Hook

Rotate applications 360° during lifts. Safety latches are standard. (Fixed position top Hook)


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