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Single Phase Hoist

Single Phase Hoist

Make hoisting convenient with Bison Single Phase hoists. Ideal in environments where 3-phase power is not readily available. The single phase units are dual voltage and can be simply adjusted to suit either 115v or 230v. Review the Hoist Outline below for all specifications.


  • 20 Ft. Standard lift (custom lifts available).
  • 15 Ft. Power cord.
  • 16’9 Ft. Standard Pendant cord.
  • Schneider™ contactors.
  • H3 Classification.
  • Ergonomic push button pendant controller (IP65).
  • Electromagnetic load brake.
  • Chain Container (on standard lifts)
  • Load test / Inspection Certificate
  • ¼
  • ½
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 5

Contact us for custom lift heights and capacities.

Hoist Outline

Dual Voltage
All single-phase hoists come standard from the factory wired for 115v power supply. This can easily be adjusted to 230v

Overload Protection (friction clutch)
Prevents operators from exceeding a hoists rated lifting capacity.

Operating Conditions
Suitable for environments within -4° to +104° F. Recommended Humidity of 85% or less.

Electromagnetic AC brake
Standard AC brake is designed for a long service life.

Upper/Lower Limit Switches
Mechanical paddle limit switches. Stops the load chain from progressing past its safe limitation.

Pendant Control
Modern, ergonomic design. Mainline contactor, red emergency stop push button is standard on all pendants. Pendant Cord includes external strain relief.

Load Chain
Grade 80, case hardened FEC Japanese Chain.

Contactor Controlled

Chain Container
Included with all standard hoists.


Forged Swivel Hook- Notched
Bottom hook rotates 360°. Hooks are notched to securely accommodate the heavy duty cast safety latches.

Standard Voltage
115/230v Single-Phase, 60 Hertz

Pendant: IP65 Hoist: IP55

Standard Lift
20 Ft (custom lengths available)

Standard Pendant Cord Length
17 Ft (custom lengths available)

Standard Power Cord Length
15 Ft (custom lengths available)

Control Voltage

Duty Cycle
40% ED

Chain Container
Canvas or plastic container included with all standard hoists.

Capacity Range
1⁄4 – 5 Ton

Hoist Mounting
Rigid hook; manual trolley; motorized trolley




Technical Specifications (1/4, 1/2 & 1 TON)

Technical Specifications (2 TON)

Technical Specifications (3 TON)

Technical Specifications (5 TON)


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